I've just moved my XSLT blog to http://xsltbyexample.blogspot.com/. I have started another blog on XQuery > xquerybyexample.blogspot.com, and will be deciding weather I should continue with xsltnews.blogspot.com or moving it to twitter.

I'll also be contributing to www.contentwithstyle.co.uk shortly, so watch this space.

For those who don't know me, I am an XML guy, very much involved in XSLT and more recently with XQuery, and native XML databases. My professional life as been lead by these same technologies for quite some time, I've architected a couple of major enterprise XSLT frameworks for the BBC and Tesco.com, and since then I made the move to XQuery, which currently takes the greater space in my heart.

I have mainly gained experience with XQuery using MarkLogic, but I have experimented with eXist, and X-Hive, and of course with Saxon. But only with MarkLogic commercially.

If you'd like to stay in contact with me, feel free to follow me on twitter twitter.com/migueldemelo.

I am very much into photography and DSLRs in general. I am no pro by any means, but I guess I managed to take a couple of nice shots. If you're interested and fancy a look at my flickr account www.flickr.com/photos/migueldemelo/

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